Hire your Dream Team for your wedding day!

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Choosing Vendors that get your vision is super huge!

Do you want to DIY your magical, wonderful day, or do you want to EXPERIENCE it? Those are two different things that can really affect your day and memories. Here's what I mean...

Imagine you've woken up on your wedding day, and your perfect little a-frame cabin VRBO in the Ozark Mountains with a stunning view is stocked with everything you need for your ceremony day. You're favorite breakfast, fresh sourdough toast, local honey, homemade jam with fresh fruit, the best prosciutto, and farm-fresh eggs you've ever seen. All your favorite bevs, fresh squeezed orange juice, some San Pel mineral water, and the perfect pour over coffee in the chemex. You get to have breakfast with your partner while all the best morning sunshine washes over you. An aesthetically pulled-together space to get hair and make-up done by your hair and make-up team is put together in the bathroom off the main bedroom. Your photographer, that you vibe with so well, you've practically become best friends through your wedding planning stages, comes in about 11 am—fresh flowers all around the house, and no sticky counters from last night's fun. You get a pampered treatment right before you slip into the dream outfit you've been dying to wear to see your future spouse for the first time.

Here comes the big reveal with a first look. You make your way down the loft stairs to the fieldstone fireplace, where your partner stands with their back toward you. You both can't hold in the excitement! Tears are already starting, nerves are melting, and then they turn around. You are both genuinely amazed at how every little detail has come together and so thankful to see each other. You spend a lifetime in these moments soaking in all the little bits that make you feel warm. All your nerves are calmed down because you got to see each other, and now you can have an easy, breezy day. 

Your photographer caught your expressions and the split second it took to wipe a tear from your partner's cheek. They stayed out of the moment because they're experienced and know that this moment is designed to be an intimate time for you two - just you two. No direction is given for this particular moment in your day, but now your photographer is choking down some tears because this was the perfect moment she hoped for you to have. You go on to take couples' portraits at this amazing VRBO to remember this perfect place and morning. 

You gather the few things you'll need for your intimate ceremony. Rings, check. Bouquet and boutonniere, check. Great grandma's embroidered handkerchief, check. The rest of that sparkling San Pel because you want to do a spray photo after the ceremony, check. You're headed to an outdoor space that you wouldn't have found if you were on your own. Thank God for that photographer who gets you, has your back, and loves the outdoors as much as you do. Your ceremony space is small and intimate. You arrive to see the group of friends you celebrate life with and your small family waiting to hug you and share a few happy tears with you. Your dad squeezes a tear out as he sees you all dressed in white. (Yep, your photographer caught that too.)

You make your way to the small space you've chosen; it's on a bluff side west facing, so there's a dramatic sunset about an hour from happening. You've had beautiful ornate rugs lining the spot where you'll stand. Everything is freakin perfect! You share your vows, and your officiant pronounces you officially. Everyone stood around you, so you were literally surrounded by the people who love you best. 

But Wait, your day isn't over yet. Your chef has been back at your rental, putting together the best meal you've ever had in your life. You're having an incredible three courses of farm-to-table meal with your guests. Paired with a local brewery's finest and the most beautifully created cake you've had your heart set on. As everyone packs into this humble little cabin, you realize everything smells and looks absolutely how you had imagined. Your favorite vinyl plays and the patio lights look like beautiful little stars. 

Your night is winding down, and as you say goodbye to your guests, you decide to unwind with a fire in the fireplace and just one more of your favorite beers. 

This experience was brought to you by a private chef, professional photographer, wedding planner, concierge service, and a professional hair and makeup team. 

Or you can DIY it and have your hands in every single detail along with the stress. I promise you would rather experience your day. 

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